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Fixed Base Operator at MWO

The City contracts the FBO with Middletown Aviation, which began operating in March 2022 to serve corporate, private and commercial aviation customers. As a full-service operation, Middletown Aviation FBO Services provides all the amenities and services you’d expect to ensure guests feel at home with unparalleled customer care.

  1. Jet A & Avgas 100LL
  2. Airport management
  3. Expert ground handling
  4. Oxygen service
  5. Aircraft parking (ramp or tie down)
  6. Hangar space, leasing and sales
  7. GPU/power cart
  8. Aircraft rentals and charters
  9. Aircraft maintenance
  10. Flight training
  11. Aviation accessories
  12. Catering
  13. Pilot supplies
  14. Rental cars
  15. Courtesy transportation and cars
  16. Pilot’s lounge/snooze room
  17. Computerized weather
  18. Showers

As part of the Avfuel-branded Network, aircraft operators enjoy competitive pricing with Avfuel Contract Fuel and loyalty rewards with AVTRIP, along with the reliable support Avfuel—as a leading independent supplier of aviation fuel and services—provides to its customers.

The team at Middletown Aviation FBO Services looks forward to providing the efficiencies you require for safe, smooth operations. With a dedication to creating an exceptional customer experience, our FBO provides services unmatched by any other in the region. We are confident we can deliver a high-level of service to meet your every need.

We would be honored to have you stop by Middletown Aviation FBO Services on your next flight through Southwest Ohio. To make a reservation or request a tour, please call 513-804-4087 or email csr.mwo@airlinems.com.

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